Treasures in the Darkness – Individual MP3s

Treasures in the Darkness - Individual MP3s

Let It Work
Treasure for Troubled Times
Maximizing Your Potential
The Second Mile Matters
Help for the Helpless
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While not everyone is afraid of the dark, most people do not enjoy it when the circumstances of their lives grow dark. We want to do mighty works for God, but one problem after another brings those plans to a halt. If you find yourself plagued with a lifetime of struggle, sickness or heartache, you’ve likely cried out to God for help. When it seems like He’s not answering, what do you do? Tony Evans wants you to know that the great reward of God is often found in the darker places of your life. In this series, Tony shows you how to take your eyes off your circumstances and place them on the Lord so that you can get back to living in service for Him and His kingdom.

#1 – Let It Work (Luke 6:38): When you recognize a real need in your life, going to God in prayer and asking for it is not just a good idea; you are instructed to do so. But as Tony Evans explains, the principle of giving and receiving has built within it the means to satisfy all your needs. He shows from God’s Word how if you want to receive something from God, you must first learn to give it away. Find out how God––your true source for meeting your needs––desires you to sow good seed in order to receive a bountiful harvest.

#2 – Treasure for Troubled Times (Isaiah 33:1-6): Hardship can wreak havoc with your faith. When your bills aren’t getting paid or your family is buckling under the pressures of life, it can seem like Jesus is very far away from your problems. But as Tony Evans points out, it’s usually in those moments that Jesus not only knows where you are but will be your provider through the tough times. Using Isaiah 33:1-6 as the central passage, he explains that the key to this treasure means taking God seriously.

#3 – Maximizing Your Potential (1 Corinthians 15:50-58): The Bible teaches that while we are not saved “by” work, we are saved “for work.” It’s true. Your usefulness in the kingdom enhances your value. The Lord promises an inheritance––or reward––for those who make the most of their ability to do good works for God in His kingdom. So, while you might be a child of God by virtue of a saving faith in Jesus, as Tony Evans warns, you might not be “written in the will.”

#4 – The Second Mile Matters (Matthew 5:38-42): The key to winning, both in business and at life, has more to do with the manner in which you serve others. From Matthew 5:41, we learn, “Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.” It’s that second mile that Tony Evans says makes the difference in the life of a Christian eager to serve the kingdom of God and experience His great reward and the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

#5 – Help for the Helpless (John 5:1-9): Have you been waiting on God to come through for you for a long time? Some of us have been afflicted with a number of problems––physical, emotional or spiritual. The question asked in these times is, “When do I get to finally win?” Tony Evans teaches from John 5 about a lame man whom Jesus heals. Tony points out that the help we seek is sitting right beside us, waiting for us to focus on God and not our circumstances.