Intimate Fellowship with God Series Individual MP3s

Intimate Fellowship with God - Vol 2 Individual MP3s

The Family Of Fellowship
The Rewards of Fellowship
The Test of Fellowship
The Demonstration Of Fellowship
The Victory Of Fellowship
The Assurance Of Fellowship
The Warning Of Fellowship
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Intimate Fellowship with God reveals how you can take your relationship with the Lord beyond the "casual acquaintance" stage many Christians settle for. You’ll discover how much God desires to be close to you, how to overcome the obstacles standing in your way, and how to deepen and enrich the most important personal connection in the universe. Along the way, you’ll learn how to build a Christ-centered self-image and develop the disciplines that are part of a healthy spiritual life.

Messages include:
  • The Family Of Fellowship – 1 John 3:11-17
  • The Rewards Of Fellowship – 1 John 3:18-24
  • The Test Of Fellowship – 1 John 4:1-16
  • The Demonstration Of Fellowship – 1 John 4:17-21
  • The Victory Of Fellowship – 1 John 5:1-5
  • The Assurance Of Fellowship – 1 John 5:6-15
  • The Warning Of Fellowship – 1 John 5:16-21


The Family of Fellowship (1 John 3:11-17): When you develop a sickness such as a cold or flu, you begin to display new symptoms that you did not possess before. Similarly, having fellowship with God should be easily recognizable due to the heavenly symptoms you begin to express. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses the heavenly strand of love that is unique to those who are part of the family of God.


The Reward of Fellowship (1 John 3:18-24): One of the most important reasons we obey God is simply because we love Him, but Tony Evans says there’s actually a second reason that many people may not know about. When we choose to obey Him through loving others, the Bible states there are three spiritual rewards we can expect to receive here on earth, and you’ll find out what they are and more in this lesson on the rewards of loving God and others. 


The Test of Fellowship (1 John 4:1-16): In order to further pull us away from God’s love, our enemy relies on a very powerful tactic known as deception. In order to combat this, it is important for believers to be familiar with God’s truths so as to not fall away from an intimate fellowship with Him. In this lesson, Tony Evans takes a look at three key points John wrote about in order to help you better discern God’s truths from the devil’s lies. 


Demonstration of Fellowship (1 John 4:7-21): Do you ever find it difficult or even downright impossible to love those in your life who may not deserve it? Well, Tony Evans says that the absence of love in a believer may be related to a lack of consistent fellowship with God. When you learn that how you respond to your relationships with fellow Christians is tied to your fellowship with God, it’ll completely transform how you love others. In this lesson, Dr. Evans looks at one of the most comprehensive statements on love in all of the New Testament to help you in that journey.


The Victory of Fellowship (1 John 5:1-5): Have you ever felt defeated or bogged-down, unable to seize the glory and freedom you have in Christ that the Bible claims? Well, Tony Evans wants you to stop living your Christian life with a bent back, and begin to experience the flow of the powerful intimacy that God offers. In this lesson, he’ll help set you on that path by looking at four questions the apostle John answered regarding how you can achieve your victory through Christ. 


The Assurance of Fellowship (1 John 5:6-15): When in court, calling on a witness to give testimony is one of the most important aspects of the process because it provides validity to a given claim. Well God, too, has witnesses we can depend on that confirm the truths of God about Christ, all three of which Tony Evans will cover in this lesson. By learning to trust His witness, you then can fully enjoy the assurance of intimate fellowship with God by appropriating the life of Christ that resides within you.


The Warning of Fellowship (1 John 5:16-21): Throughout your prayer life, have you ever felt unsure if your prayers would go unanswered or even if He was hearing your prayers at all? If that’s you, Tony Evans says the Bible talks about the confidence we can rely on when it comes to talking with God, and all that’s required is a little faith and love. In this lesson, you’ll discover four areas in which you can expect your confidence in prayer to increase when you make intimacy with God a priority.