The Kingdom Society Individual MP3s

The Kingdom Society Individual MP3s

How Christians Should Vote
Let Freedom Ring
Kingdom Capitalism
Setting the Captives Free
Who Owns Education
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What is happening to our society? Chaos is everywhere and what used to be wrong is right! The government is spending more money it doesn’t have and our children are inheriting a tremendous debt. The world-view of situations seems to be moving away from a God-centered perspective to a humanistic view where each person decides what is right. Where is God in all of this?

Dr. Evans explains in the MP3 series Kingdom Society that God has addressed every social ill we are experiencing today in His Word. When government, individuals, families, churches and nations move away from God, we will experience chaos and it will only get worse until we acknowledge His Sovereignty and come under His rule. Discover how you can make a difference to restore order.

Messages Include:
How Christians Should Vote – Romans 13:1-7
Let Freedom Ring – Genesis 2:15-17
Kingdom Capitalism – Deuteronomy 8:11-20
Setting the Captives Free – Luke 4:14-20
Who Owns Education – Deuteronomy 6:1-9

How Should Christians Vote (Romans 13:1-7): If anyone should ever find their life, marriage or family is unraveling, the best thing to do would be to go to the Bible in order to identify the causes and cures of the circumstances. But when it comes to the degradation of a nation, Tony Evans says we are far too quick to leave the Bible behind to find advice. In this lesson, explore the Biblical principles necessary for determining which person or party best represents the values of the kingdom of God.

Let Freedom Ring (Genesis 2:15-17): At the core of America’s inception and philosophy is the concept of freedom, and this freedom is the hallmark by which our country was to be defined. But there are many people who do not fully understand its definition or how it is supposed to work in society. Join Tony Evans in this look at freedom from the perspective of the One who created it and what it should mean for our culture. 

Kingdom Capitalism (Deuteronomy 8:11-20): Many people are unaware of the vast number of subjects that the Bible touches on, one of which is that of economics. From the creation of the world all the way to the end of the world, you see God dealing with this issue, and Tony Evans wants you to know all about God’s viewpoint on the subject. Explore how the power to make wealth is spiritually connected because God is the One who gives the ability to do it in the first place.

Setting the Captives Free (Luke 4:14-20): We live in a day in which we face constant spiritual problems that we do not know how to fix. Amidst the chaos, many people turn to the government for guidance and solutions only to find they don't have the answer either. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses the peace and answers that we can find in God if we're willing to go to Him for them.

Who Owns Education? (Deuteronomy 6:1-9): Long gone are the days where a God-centered worldview was considered to be the norm. In today’s age, countless children are being taught humanistic principles—that is, the assumption that man is the center of all things. But Tony Evans says if you can’t expect an education program to keep God on the front page, then that responsibility falls to someone else: you. Discover the role that each parent has to make sure God is not lost in their child’s education.