How Should Christians Vote? MP3 Series

How Should Christians Vote? Individual MP3s

God and Government: Theocracy vs Homocracy
The Politics of Jesus
Is God a Democrat or a Repulican?
Self Government Under God
When Government Replaces God
God's Message to America
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Christians are a large and influential voting block today, but as each governmental election approaches, an increasing polarity occurs within those claiming the Christian faith. In these sermons, Dr. Evans looks at the biblical viewpoint on how a Christian is to exercise his or her vote in order to further advance the kingdom of God.

Messages include:
God and Government: Theocracy vs Homocracy – Romans 13:1-7
The Politics of Jesus – Matthew 22:15-22
Is God a Democrat or a Republican? – Jeremiah 5:13-15
Self Government Under God – Romans 14:1-12
When Government Replaces God – Ezekiel 43:1-12
God’s Message to America on 9/11 – Genesis 11:1-9