U-Turn Individual MP3s - Vol 2

U-Turn: Reversing Spiritual Consequences - Vol 2 Individual MP3s

Reversing Addiction Curses
Reversing Financial Consequences
Reversing Anxiety Consequences
Reversing Sexual Consequences
Reversing Idolatrous Consequences
Reversing Demonic Consequences
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Series Description: Living life as a Christian and pursuing God’s will for our lives is a lot like driving down the highway. Occasionally, we suddenly realize that we’re headed in the wrong direction. Either because of a bad decision we’ve made or the result of some external circumstances we never saw coming, we realize that we’re moving away from both God and where He wants us to be. Tony Evans says that we need to make a U-turn, whereby we turn our situation around and start driving toward the place where God wants us to be: home.

Volume #2

#1 – Reversing Addiction Consequences (John 8:31-36): Addiction is one of the world’s greatest cripplers. If you find yourself wrestling with an addiction to alcohol, drugs or some other vice, Tony Evans wants you to know that your situation is not hopeless. He reminds us that as disciples of Jesus, in order to be set free, we need to know His perfect truth.

#2 – Reversing Financial Consequences (2 Kings 4:1-7): Today, there are millions of people across America in debt. The financial burden weighs down heavily on individuals and families, and Tony Evans reminds us that debt is like slavery. He also teaches us that aligning our financial decisions with God’s will allow us to reverse course on our financial journey.

#3 – Reversing Anxiety Consequences (Matthew 6:25-34): Often when life gets really difficult, it can affect our mood and fill us with anxiety. All of us are familiar with worry and dread. Tony Evans lays out a biblical game plan to help us deal with anxiety and to encourage us with the knowledge that by seeking God first, we can move from worry to peace.

#4 – Reversing Sexual Consequences (John 8:1-11): It’s a taboo subject in many churches. Yet, as Tony Evans reminds us, sexual immorality is as prevalent today as it was in the days of the early church. He also reminds us that Jesus has removed the condemnation of sexual sin from us to inspire us to “go and sin no more.”

#5 – Reversing Idolatrous Consequences (2 Chronicles 33:1-16): While the term is seldom used today, idolatry plays as big a role in moving us away from God as it did for Adam and Eve in the garden. The lure of choosing ourselves over God is strong, and Tony Evans explains how God often allows hardships to get our attention and abandon our own idolatry.

#6 – Reversing Demonic Consequences (Mark 5:1-20): It’s important to remember that alongside our earthly life, there is a spiritual realm. Satan and his demons work hard every day to destroy our lives and to entice us toward sin against God. From the book of Mark, Tony Evans explains that the power in the name of Jesus is sufficient to drive Satan from our lives.