James: Time to Grow Up Vol 1 MP3 Series

James: Time to Grow Up Vol 1 Individual MP3s

The Point Of James
The Purpose Of Trials
The Price Of Temptation
The Practice Of Scripture
The Purity Of Religion
The Problem Of Partiality
The Perfecting Of Faith
The Poison Of the Tongue

Dr. Evans teaches the importance of being a genuine, consistent Christian. He talks about contradictions in our lives, partiality, worldliness, love of money, power of the tongue, faith and works.

Messages include:
The Point of James – James 1:1-8
The Purpose of Trials – James 1:2-12
The Price of Temptation – James 1:13-18
The Practice of Scripture – James 1:19-25
The Purity of Religion – James 1:26-27
The Problem of Partiality – James 2:1-13
The Perfecting of Faith – James 2:14-26
The Poison of The Tongue – James 3:1-12