Six Lies of Satan MP3 Series

Six Lies of Satan Individual MP3s

Satan Does Not Exist
God Is Holding Out On You
God's Word Cannot be Trusted
Sin Carries No Consequences
You Can Be Like God
If it Feels Good, Do It!
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Does God really have your best interest at heart? Doubting His holiness? Thinking maybe you shouldn't completely surrender to Him—that you're better off in charge of your own life? Well, say hello to the father of these lies: Satan. He's an old pro using the same brilliant, deceptive tactics to harm you every time—unless you dare call his bluff and refuse to ever be his victim again.

In the Six Lies of Satan sermon series, you'll discover how to recognize the devil's six ancient tactics and claim victory over each one. Your only hope is in the power of Jesus Christ because only Christ can conquer Satan. He already has.

So, flood your mind with truth, and begin to see the lies for what they are. You'll never be duped by them again, free to live abundantly in the light of God's truth!

#1 – Satan Does Not Exist (Genesis 3:1): The only thing worse than an enemy is an enemy you are unable to detect. Satan wants you to believe that he is what he is not: a friend and trustworthy source. Just as Satan visited Eve in the disguise of the serpent, he is always on the prowl when we may least expect it. In this sermon, Tony Evans seeks to remind you of our crafty enemy and his tactics. He also teaches how we are able to overcome all of Satan’s lies and deceit through the blood of the Lamb.

#2 – God is Holding Out on You (Genesis 3:1-3): Does it ever feel like God is going out of His way to place harsh and undeserved limitations on your life? Satan certainly wants you to believe that’s the case, even going as far as misquoting Scripture itself. Satan does this in order to convince you to focus on what you cannot have instead of what you can or do have. While some boundaries in life may seem unfair, in this sermon, Tony Evans seeks to remind you that God is able to maximize the freedoms He has given you when you place your focus on God’s truth.

#3 – God’s Word Cannot Be Trusted (Genesis 3:4): As Satan seeks to diminish the goodness of God in our minds, one of his greatest techniques is making us doubt God’s Word. When we are not familiar with His Word, we leave ourselves open to attacks that may cause us to question God’s authority. In this message, Tony Evans explains that knowing who our enemy is and believing the Word of God are the greatest weapons we can wield in the battle between man and fallen angels.

#4 – Sin Carries No Consequences (Genesis 3:4): One definition of sin states that it is contrary to the holiness of God. This means that God and sin cannot exist in the same environment. Thus, the devil seeks to blur our conscience to such a degree that we might forget the consequences or think them doubtful to happen. These are consequences such as emotional, spiritual or relational death caused by distancing ourselves from God. Tony Evans explains how there are always consequences to our sins, but he also reminds us of the cure God provided to us through His Son Jesus Christ when we repent of our sins.

#5 – You Can Be Equal to God (Genesis 3:5): We are all capable of choosing what our world revolves around. We can choose to adapt a man-centered worldview, or we can choose a God-centered worldview. Sometimes, the choice that we make comes down to being as simple as whatever or whoever we choose to obey. Tony Evans explains how, as if we were teenagers still living in our parent’s house, we need to humble ourselves and remember it is God’s “roof” that we have chosen to live under. God sits over all and rules all. When we recognize He is in charge, we will not fall prey to this lie of Satan.

#6 – If It Feels Good, Do It (Genesis 3:6): There is a comfort in knowing that the devil cannot make you sin. All he does is simply point the sin out to you and suggest that you view it differently so that you might not see another option. But Tony Evans wants us to realize that this only creates an illusion that we are under its control and that God greatly delights in us when we choose Him over sin. You are stronger than you think. Discover how through this powerful message.