Our Great Salvation Vol 2 Individual MP3s

Our Great Salvation - Vol 2 Individual MP3s

Election: The Guarantee of Salvation
Regeneration: The Miracle of Salvation
Grace: The Gift of Salvation
Sanctification: The Progress of Salvation
Glorification: The Completion of Salvation
Evangelism: The Responsibility of Salvation
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The gift of salvation: the greatest gift to be given to mankind. If you were to try and describe it in its entirety, it would require you to reach far beyond what can be expressed. Fortunately, the Bible is full of powerful words that God has given us to help us understand the gift of salvation as best we can. In Our Great Salvation, Dr. Tony Evans will walk you through concepts such as justification, redemption and reconciliation in this journey to better understand the salvation we experience daily.

Messages include:

#7 – Election: The Guarantee of Salvation (Philippians 1:1-4): If God loves everyone, why is it that not everyone will end up in heaven? Or is salvation guaranteed through a process of being selected by God to be saved? These are the tough questions Tony Evans wants you to know the answers to, and he’ll explore the answers by taking a look at a number of key chapters of the Bible that address them in this message on the electing work of God.

#8 – Regeneration: The Miracle of Salvation (James 1:17-18): With the addition of sin into the world came destruction of our spirits, damage to our souls and deterioration to our bodies. As a solution to these problems, Tony Evans wants to introduce you to the idea of regeneration. In this message, he’ll take a look at three important concepts surrounding this process by which God implants spiritual life into the soul of a believer. 

#9 – Grace: The Gift of Salvation (Ephesians 2:8-9): If you were tasked with describing how Christianity differs from all other religions of the world, it could be easily summed up with as little as one tiny, but powerful, word: grace. Because living as a believer apart from grace is impossible, it’s important to understand the framework of grace. In this message, Tony Evans gives you a renewed appreciation for the grace that is given to anyone who is willing to freely receive it. 

#10 – Sanctification: The Process of Salvation (John 17:17): Many people think of salvation as the single moment that you trusted Christ, but Tony Evans says it’s more of a continual process than you might think. You were not only saved when you became a believer, but you are also currently being saved based on your walk with Christ—a process of salvation known as sanctification that you’ll come to learn all about in this lesson. 

#11 – Glorification: The Completion of Salvation (Jude 1:24): When you look at the process of salvation, you’ll find three key stages that take place: justification, sanctification and glorification. In this lesson, Tony Evans wants to take a look at the final and most important of the three: glorification. Learn all about God’s final goal for every believer that is the completion of salvation when you get to heaven. 

#12 – Evangelism: The Responsibility of Salvation (1 Peter 2:1-12): If you’ve placed your trust in Christ Jesus but nobody in your life is aware of your faith, you’re neglecting one of your biggest responsibilities as a Christian. Tony Evans says that evangelism—the declaration of the good news about Jesus—is a duty that God has called all of His children to fulfill. To help you with this task, Tony Evans will explore the language, motivations and message of evangelism in this lesson in hopes of further equipping you to carry out the task God has ordained.