The Caring Christian - Vol 1  MP3

The Caring Christian - Vol 1 Individual MP3s

Caring Enough To Encourage
Caring Enough To Restore
Caring Enough To Comfort
Caring Enough To Confront
Caring Enough To Love
Caring Enough To Forgive
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Our image of the church is a place where hurting people can come for help. It's a safe place where care, compassion and sensitivity are available to anyone who needs them. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t always match up with our image. In this probing series of messages, Dr. Evans examines a number of characteristics of caring churches and the people who make them work. He explores subjects like encouragement, confrontation, comfort and sharing, as well as some difficult concepts including church discipline and restoring wayward believers. 

Messages Include:
Caring Enough to Encourage
Caring Enough to Restore
Caring Enough to Comfort
Caring Enough to Confront
Caring Enough to Love
Caring Enough to Forgive