Return on Investment - Individual MP3s

Return on Investment - Individual MP3s

Giving To God
Giving To Yourself
Giving To Other Believers
Giving to Your Enemy
Law of the Harvest
Let It Work
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Return on Investment - Some people don't believe it, but when God says he wants his people to be givers, he's not just talking about money. In this collection of messages, Dr. Evans explores how God wants us to use every asset he's given us – both financial and otherwise – so our faith can yield a "return on investment.”

Giving to God (Romans 12:1-2) - When the offering plate passes by, the most you can put in there is money.  In this message, Dr. Evans explains that our offerings are only the beginning of what it means to really give to God. 

Giving to Yourself (Romans 12:3-8) - They call it "re-gifting." It's when somebody gives you a present and, instead of keeping it, you rewrap it and give it to someone else. Dr. Evans explains why that's exactly what God wants us to do with the gifts he gives us in this lesson about how God wants us to invest in ourselves. 

Giving to Other Believers (Romans 12:9-13) - Large, small, good or bad… every one of us is part of a family. But in this lesson, Dr. Evans says that Christians are also part of asecond family, and explains how we should invest in those relationships. 

Giving to Your Enemy (Romans 12:14-21) - Of all the people we could give to, you’d think our enemies would be at the bottom of the list. But, in this lesson, Dr. Evans say that the biggest gift we could give them turns out to be a gift we actually give to ourselves

The Law of the Harvest (2 Corinthians 9:9-11) - You can't grow what you don't sow. It's as simple as that! Dr. Evans takes a look at the "law of the harvest" and talks about the return God promises when we invest ourselves in him.

Let It Work (Luke 6:38) - The Christian life isn't measured by what God does for us, but what he does through us. This lesson focuses on the importance of being a conduit of blessings as Dr. Evans explains how God meets needs when we plant seeds. 

Messages Include:
Giving To God - Romans 12:1-2 
Giving To Yourself - Romans 12:3-8
Giving To Other Believers - Romans 12:9-13
Giving to Your Enemy - Romans 12:14-21
Law of the Harvest - 2 Corinthians 9:9-11
Let It Work - Luke 6:38