Joshua - CD Series

Joshua - CD Series

Complete Series
Preparing to Enter God’s Promise
Rahab and the River
The Road to Jericho
Victory and Defeat
Two Kinds of Promises
Conquest and Division – Part 1
Conquest and Division – Part 2
Staying Loyal to God
Choose Whom You Will Serve
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The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years because they disobeyed God. Then Joshua leads them on a journey of conquest into the Promised Land. Tony Evans reveals God’s plan of deliverance, development and destiny for the children of Israel as he teaches verse by verse through this powerful book. Be sure to get your CD Series of Joseph in the "Books of the Bible" series.

Messages Include:
  • Preparing to Enter God’s Promise – Joshua 1
  • Rahab and the River – Joshua 2-3
  • The Road to Jericho – Joshua 4-6
  • Victory and Defeat – Joshua 6-8
  • Two Kinds of Promises – Joshua 9-12
  • Conquest and Division – Part 1 – Joshua 11-15
  • Conquest and Division – Part 2 – Joshua 15-20
  • Staying Loyal to God – Joshua 21-23
  • Choose Whom You Will Serve – Joshua 24

Preparing to Enter God’s Promise (Joshua 1) - The time of wandering comes to an end, as Joshua prepares to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. As Tony Evans explains, they learn quickly about finding the balance between God’s sovereign provision and human responsibility.

Rahab and the River (Joshua 2-3) - Rahab shows her faith by providing shelter to Joshua’s spies. The Israelites demonstrate their faith as they proceed toward the Jordan River. Tony Evans connects these acts to show what happens when human faith is combined with God’s presence.

The Road to Jericho (Joshua 4-6) - God demonstrates His unparalleled power by bringing down the walls of Jericho. The only thing He asks of the Israelites is their obedience. Tony Evans reminds us that the same all-powerful God commands each of us to the same kind of loyalty.

Victory and Defeat (Joshua 6-8) - The reward of obedience is victory, while the consequence of disobedience is defeat. Joshua and the Israelites experience this in the town of Ai, and Tony Evans illustrates how that principle is just as relevant today as it was back then.

Two Kinds of Promises (Joshua 9-12) - God always keeps His promises. But, as Tony Evans explains, sometimes God makes a promise that is independent of what we do or do not do, and other times, His fulfillment of the promise is connected to something He expects from us beforehand.

Conquest and Division – Part 1 (Joshua 11-15) - Caleb asks Joshua to give him and the tribe of Judah what was promised to them by God before Moses died. The sweet reward of obeying God and staying loyal to Him serves as an incentive to never doubt that God will always do what He says.

Conquest and Division – Part 2 (Ecclesiastes 9:8–11:10) - The development of a nation is no small thing. When Joshua divided the land amongst the twelve tribes, civil order and justice became a priority. Using the story of Joshua, Tony Evans draws some key parallels between us and the people of Israel.

Staying Loyal to God (Joshua 21-23) - The entire nation of Israel was willing to go to war with the tribes of Reuben, Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh because of their idolatry. As Tony Evans explains, loyalty to God often requires us to make some difficult choices along the way.

Choose Whom You Will Serve (Joshua 24) - So much happens in this world that looks like the roll of the dice. Bad things happen to good people and vice versa. Tony Evans explains that what we call a roll of the dice is, in fact, a life apart from God. Nothing in this life is certain when we distance ourselves from Him.