Judges - Volume 2 - CD Series

Judges - Vol 2 - CD Series

Complete Series
The Cost of Disobeying God
Jephthah’s Victory and the Birth of Samson
The Riddle of Samson
The Weakness of Samson
The Depravity of the Levites
The War of Israel and Benjamin
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After the death of Joshua, Israel goes through centuries of conquest and bondage to other nations because of their continual rebellion against God. Every time they call out to Him for deliverance, God sends a judge to secure their freedom. Tony Evans walks us through this cycle of rebellion, repentance and redemption, in the CD series of Judges, part of the "Books of the Bible" series.

Messages Include:
  • The Cost of Disobeying God – Judges 9-11
  • Jephthah’s Victory and the Birth of Samson – Judges 12-13
  • The Riddle of Samson – Judges 13-15
  • The Weakness of Samson – Judges 16-17
  • The Depravity of the Levites – Judges 18-20
  • The War of Israel and Benjamin – Judges 20-21

The Cost of Disobeying God (Judges 9-11) - God puts enmity between Abimelech and Shechem, and both are destroyed. The Philistines dominate Israel for eighteen years. Israel cries for a deliverer, and God sends Japhthah, who makes a vow to sacrifice his daughter on an altar in exchange for victory from God.

Jephthah’s Victory and the Birth of Samson (Judges 12-13) - Ephraim rises up against Japhthah for not including them in their defeat of the Ammonites. Japhthah defeats the Ephraimites. God tells Manoah’s barren wife that she will give birth to a son. She and Manoah name him Samson. 

The Riddle of Samson (Judges 13-15) - Samson chooses a Philistine wife. He slays a lion, which later becomes the subject of a riddle he uses on the Philistines. They cannot guess his riddle, so they blackmail his wife to learn its secret. Samson slays the blackmailers in his anger.

The Weakness of Samson (Judges 16-17) - Samson falls in love with a Philistine woman who strives to learn the secret of his strength. Once she discovers it, she tells the Philistine men, who capture Samson and make sport of him. His great strength returns and allows him to kill his oppressors.

The Depravity of the Levites (Judges 18-20) - The Danites steal Micah’s idols and his priest. The priest’s descendants become idolaters. A Levite takes a concubine for himself. Evil men come to sodomize him, but he offers up his concubine for their abuse. The next morning, the priest cuts up her body into twelve pieces and sends them throughout the land.

The War of Israel and Benjamin (Judges 20-21) - Because of the Levite's story from chapter 19, Israel and Benjamin go to war. Benjamin is defeated. To replenish their numbers, the survivors "catch" wives from the dance of the daughters of Shiloh. No one followed God; everyone did what was right in their own eyes.