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Esther Personal Study Guide

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Esther Group Bible Study Book This is a six-session study that tells the story of Esther, a woman who was used of God to stand against unholy people to preserve the Jewish people and their culture and tradition.

Esther was the queen of Persian King Ahasuerus, and also a Jew. She used her influence at just the right time to save her people from annihilation when evil Haman sought to destroy the Jews of the land. Without the heroic acts of Esther, the Jewish nation and their religion may have ceased to exist.

Session titles: 1. Beauty, Honor, and Influence 2. Conflict and Integrity 3. Godly Sorrow and Courage 4. Selfless or Selfish Living 5. God's Perfect Timing 6. Leaving a Legacy

  • Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content 
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  • Contains historical background which create greater context for spiritual growth 
  • Presents reliable, biblical truth 
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  • Offers biblical insight for your life today 
  • Includes provocative questions, scriptural support and text, application, and preparation