Destiny: Let God Use You Like He Made You – CD Series

Destiny: Let God Use You Like He Made You - CD Series

Tony Evans

  • Complete Series

  • Overview of Destiny

  • Your Uniqueness & Your Destiny

  • Your Experience & Your Destiny

  • Your Intersection & Your Destiny

  • Your Worship & Your Destiny

  • Your Future & Your Destiny



Tony Evans shows listeners the importance of discovering their own God-given purpose and helps them discover the reasons why they are here.

God has ordained a custom-designed life for every believer that leads to the expansion of His kingdom. Until people discover the reason why they were uniquely created, they will be empty and frustrated. But a clear understanding of their personal assignment from God brings about their deepest satisfaction, God's greatest glory, and the greatest benefit to others.

Listeners will embark on a journey to discover their particular calling—a journey that includes...
  • affirming God's plan to give them a unique destiny
  • using practical tools to identify their special assignment from God
  • growing into the fullness of their destiny
Understanding God's kingdom agenda for the whole world and His singular role for each ambassador leads to a future that is bright with hope.

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