We Can Change the Cultural Climate

Dr. Evans' Race, Culture and Christ CD series will encourage you to be a champion of peace and unity in a tense time. Messages include:

  • • The Power of Unity

  • • America: Turning a Nation to God

  • • Poison in the Pot

...and 2 more! Be one who starts the change. Request the Race, Culture and Christ CD series plus Oneness Embraced with your generous gift to our ministry.

YOU MAY ALSO ENJOY: Oneness Embraced DVD Teaching Series. Learn more.

"Biblical justice, as described in this fascinating book clearly is the prescription for many societal ills that play themselves out in numerous communities in the country and the world."

— David O. Brown, former police chief, city of Dallas

"Dr. Evans shows balance between the gospel and social justice in an evangelical world that often forces us to choose between them."

— Darrell Bock, research professor of NT Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

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