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Prophecy and Our World Vol 2 - DVD Series

Prophecy and Our World Vol2 – DVD Series

Series Description: Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the future holds. From the menial questions like, “Should I wash my car today or will it rain this evening?” to the more important questions like, “Will my children grow up to serve the Lord?” If there’s anything certain about the future, it’s that it’s uncertain to all of everyone—except for God. He sees tomorrow like He sees today and like He sees yesterday. And while He hasn’t addressed our small questions about rain and our big questions about family, He has given us a look at the biggest of questions: what does the future hold for humanity?

The message is one of hope. God has not abandoned His people. He has made a way for us and will restore all of creation to the way it should be. That’s not to say there won’t be difficulties along the way, but God will fully restore this world to its original glory.

The Second Coming of Christ (Revelation 19:11-21): When a Roman general would return from a battle victorious, you would find him riding upon a white horse to signify his victory over the enemy. At the end of the seven-year Tribulation, Jesus Christ will also ride upon a white horse in proclamation of His victory. Join Tony Evans in this look at the events that lead up to the most awe-inspiring event in human history: the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The Millennial Kingdom (Revelation 20:1-7): It’s hard to imagine a world without any pain or chaos, and as much as humanity may try, it will never be able to achieve perfect peace. But Tony Evans wants you to know about a time that is coming where our world will become a flawless utopia under Christ’s governing. Learn more about the thousand-year rule of Jesus Christ and how your current walk with God will affect your role at that time.

The White Throne Of Judgment (Revelation 20:11-15): Because the requirement to be accepted by God is nothing less than perfection, God took the sins of the whole world and credited them to Jesus Christ, our Savior. But to those who refuse His free gift, there is coming a time where He will be known by a different title: Judge. In this lesson, Tony Evans explains the white throne of judgment and why we should be aware of the last courtroom in history.

What Happens when We Die (Luke 16:19-31): Statistics say that about one in every five people is terrified of dying. But Tony Evans wants you to remember that if Christ Jesus is your Savior, you’re not waiting for the land of death—you’re waiting for the land of the living. Learn more about what God has to say about the reality of death in this lesson on what really happens when His time for you comes.

The Glory of Heaven (John 14:1-3): There are a great many questions about what exactly heaven will be like when we arrive. What kind of body will we have? Do we have to eat? Or will we even recognize people we know today? Tony Evans will answer these questions and more in this look at the place that Jesus Christ said long ago He is preparing for you.

The Agony of Hell (Mark 9:42-48): If you were asked why a loving God would create a place of torment such as hell, would you know what to say? While many people are made constantly aware of the treasures of heaven, there are many others who are unaware of the agonies of hell. In this lesson, Tony Evans tackles the difficult topic of hell and why it is a subject that should be taken very seriously.