Returning God to Government Volume 2 - CD Series

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Kingdom Politics Volume 2 - CD Series

The subject of politics can bring up all kinds of emotions ranging from pure apathy to passionate discussions. And it can be difficult to know how our Christian values fit into the left-and-right party structure we find ourselves in. Tony Evans addresses how to vote in our constitutional system while maintaining our loyalty to God’s kingdom.

#6 God and Church and State (Matthew 22:15-22) - While the separation of church and state is legitimate, there is never to be a separation of God and government. All governmental authorities must answer to God. But the church cannot tie itself politically to one group or another. The church must be loyal only to the King. Find out more in this powerful message from Tony Evans.

#7 God and Civil Leaders (Daniel 4:28:37) - God places leaders and removes them. He determines who will lead for His purposes. This message explores the characteristics that God looks for in a leader, and how our decisions play into God’s purposes within the government.

#8 God and Justice and Righteousness (Psalm 89:11-14) - Justice and righteousness go hand in hand and serve as twin guidelines that define how a government should operate. When the two are out of balance, chaos can take hold. Following these guidelines, we can uphold the high standard of God and demonstrate compassion at the same time.

#9 God and Conscience (Romans 14:1-12) - In the United States, we have two major parties, and good, solid Christians are found on both sides of the aisle. This message addresses the issue of conscience and the role it plays in all of our decisions, including our decisions at the ballot box. It is also a call for unity and understanding as we seek to understand those who vote or behave differently than we do.

#10 God and Citizenship (Philippians 3:30) - Christians today are part of the visiting team in the culture. There are many loud voices that would call in many directions. But we are to hold fast to the standard that God has provided for us in His Word. This does not mean we should be fixed to one political party’s agenda or the other. Our call is to represent God’s kingdom agenda in the world.