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The Wrath of God - CD

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God's Heart Revealed Vol 2

God’s Heart Revealed

In any relationship, the more you get to know someone directly contributes to a better understanding of their motives, actions and desires. Dr. Tony Evans says that your relationship with God is no different—and learning all about His characteristics has been made possible through the studying of His Word. In God’s Heart Revealed, acquire a better understanding of the Father in this look at key attributes of His unique and perfect nature.

#7 – The Love of God (1 John 4:7-21): For some people, “love” is a fuzzy feeling that comes from your chest. For others, it’s a way to describe that new TV show or a piece of chocolate cake. But in this lesson, Tony Evans wants to give you a new perspective on the word “love” that comes from the Word of God. Because love is rooted in God’s self-identity, you’ll come to find that the more you understand Him, the more you’ll understand real love.

#8 – The Wrath of God (Romans 1:18-32): It’s easy to want to learn about the holy, loving or righteous natures of God, but if your desire is to better understand Him, you need to take a look at every nature He has. Tony Evans says that, though He is slow to anger, the Bible is full of information on the wrath of God that exists because unrighteousness exists. You’ll learn in this lesson that the passive wrath of God we experience today is nothing like fire and brimstone, but rather consequences of sin that He does not hold back from infiltrating our culture.

#9 – The Grace of God (2 Peter 3:18): The Bible commissions each Christian to grow in grace. The problem for many is a lack of understanding of the term itself. What is grace, and why is it so important not just for salvation but for living in victory? Tony Evans walks through 2 Peter 3 to give us a better grasp of God’s comprehensive Grace.

#10 – The Wisdom of God (Romans 11:33-36): Many of us have said, “If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve done things very differently.” The benefit of the wisdom of God is that He always knows the wisest course of action, so when we trust in His wisdom, it opens up doors of opportunity to us. In this message, Tony Evans explains that when you connect with God’s wisdom, you discover that navigating the twists and turns of life becomes much more manageable.

#11 – The Glory of God (Exodus 33:17-23): In order for water to be wet, it does not have to find it. The sky does not have to find blue, and fire does not have to find hot. Similarly, God and His glory are interconnected—they cannot be separated. There are many people today who aren’t able to see much of His glory because they are simply not interested enough. In this lesson, discover the wonders of God’s glory and how you were created in His image in order to reflect it.

#12 – The Rule of God (1 Chronicles 29:10-13): The concept of sovereignty refers to God as an absolute ruler and sustainer of all His creation. But if God really is sovereign, why does He allow sin to exist, and why are we given the choice whether or not to sin? Tony Evans will answer these questions and more in this lesson on what God’s sovereignty really means.