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God's Heart Revealed Vol 1 - CD Series

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God's Heart Revealed Vol 1

God’s Heart Revealed

In any relationship, the more you get to know someone directly contributes to a better understanding of their motives, actions and desires. Dr. Tony Evans says that your relationship with God is no different—and learning all about His characteristics has been made possible through the studying of His Word. In God’s Heart Revealed, acquire a better understanding of the Father in this look at key attributes of His unique and perfect nature.

#1 – The Pursuit of God (Jeremiah 9:23-24): What does it mean to truly know someone, and how is that influenced by their willingness to be known? The answers to these questions are hard enough regarding those around you, let alone the living God. But Tony Evans wants you to thrive in your search for knowledge of our Creator, and he’ll start by laying the groundwork of life’s greatest pursuit that is knowing God.

#2 – The Knowledge of God (2 Peter 1:1-8): If there’s anyone who was passionate when it comes to growing in the knowledge of God, it was the apostle Peter. In his second epistle, Peter’s desire for inspiring growth in believers is made evident as he explains exactly what you need to experience God like never before. Join Tony Evans as he dives into Peter’s writings on how to pursue an authentic experience of the knowledge of God.

#3 – The Nature of God (Genesis 1:1): Have you ever wondered how three different members can make up one Trinity or how God exists outside of time and space but is still present in our lives? Tony Evans says these are but a few of the many mysterious natures of God, and in this lesson, he’ll use the Bible to explain exactly what they mean and how they comprise the nature of His essential Being.

#4 – The All-ness of God (Psalm 139:1-24): While it’s true that God shares some characteristics with mankind, there is a special set of unique attributes that apply to Him and Him alone. These are known as the incommunicable traits of God, or as Tony Evans likes to call them, the all-ness of God—and you’ll find out exactly what they are and what they mean in this look at the omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence of our Heavenly Father.

#5 – The Holiness of God (Isaiah 6:1-8): There are countless words that are useful for describing our great God, but it’s easy to think many of them have the same meaning. Tony Evans says that it’s not uncommon for people to think words like holy and righteous are synonymous when, in reality, they represent two very different ideas. To better understand the meaning of holiness, this lesson takes a close look at the uniqueness of God that sets Him apart from all others.

#6 – The Sovereignty of God (Psalm 115:3): Have you ever thrown someone a surprise party? There’s a special kind of excitement in knowing that the guest of honor isn’t aware of what’s in store for them. But if you ever tried to throw God a surprise party, it wouldn’t turn out the way you might think. This is because God is sovereign, and nothing ever happens that isn’t already under His control. Join Tony Evans in this look at what it means to be the absolute Ruler of all creation and how that pertains to our God-given freedom.