CD Series/Building God A House - CD Series

Building God A House - CD Series

In this series, Dr. Evans challenges believers to approach church ministry as though it were a construction project, using the Bible as a blueprint. 


Messages include:
The Purpose of God’s House
The Preparation of God’s House
The Priority of Building God’s House
The People of God’s House


The Purpose of God’s House (1 Chronicles 28:1-10): There are many Christians who attend church every Sunday only for its worship and sermon, but the Bible says that the church is important for many more reasons. Learn all about these special purposes of the church that may not be too obvious such as its partnership, its program and its proclamation. 

The Preparation of God’s House (Exodus 36:1-17): When you own a house, you are free to set the agenda for every person who walks through your doors. Well, God’s house is no different—and He wants you to leave your personal program outside if it doesn’t align with His. Discover how if we are going to be present in God’s sanctuary, then we must prepare to do things the way He desires us to.

The Priority of God’s House (Haggai 1:1-11): Time is a very precious resource, especially in today’s culture. But when it comes to giving God your time, many often find that there just isn’t enough time to give Him. If you struggle with finding time to give Him, join Tony Evans as he talks about how this isn’t really an issue of time, but rather of priority.

The People of God’s House (Ezra 7:6-17): Try as we might, no person in the history of mankind will ever be able to achieve perfection like Jesus Christ did. But if we are going to reside in the same place as God’s presence, then we need to make an effort to avoid remaining stagnant in our faith. Learn about the steps God wants His people to take in order to maintain His house in this lesson.