Six Lies of Satan MP3 Series

Six Lies of Satan Individual MP3s

Satan Does Not Exist
God Is Holding Out On You
God's Word Cannot be Trusted
Sin Carries No Consequences
You Can Be Like God
If it Feels Good, Do It!

Satan uses lies to deceive us into believing his false advertising, trying to make us stray from God's Word and His ways. In the Six Lies of Satan sermon series, Dr. Tony Evans exposes Satan's most common lies. 

Messages include:
Lie #1 – Satan Does Not Exist – Genesis 3:1-6
Lie #2 – God Is Holding Out On You – Genesis 3:1-6
Lie #3 – God’s Word Cannot Be Trusted – Genesis 3:1-6
Lie #4 – Sin Carries No Consequences – Genesis 3:1-6
Lie #5 – You Can Be Like God – Genesis 3:1-6
Lie #6 – If It Feels Good, Do It! – Genesis 3:1-6