U-Turn Reversing Incurable Consequences - Vol 1 - Reversing Incurable Consequences

U-Turn: Reversing Spiritual Consequences - Vol 1 - Reversing Incurable Consequences MP3

Series Description: Living life as a Christian and pursuing God’s will for our lives is a lot like driving down the highway. Occasionally, we suddenly realize that we’re headed in the wrong direction. Either because of a bad decision we’ve made or the result of some external circumstances we never saw coming, we realize that we’re moving away from both God and where He wants us to be. Tony Evans says that we need to make a U-turn, whereby we turn our situation around and start driving toward the place where God wants us to be: home.

Reversing Incurable Consequences (2 Kings 5:1-17): You might have everything going great in your life except one area, but it’s amazing how quickly that one area can mess everything else up. That’s the story of Naaman, whose leprosy was ruining an otherwise perfect life. But Tony Evans explains how nothing is incurable when it comes to God’s will.