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Elijah (2014) - Living a Life that Lasts MP3

Tony Evans

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In this sermon, Tony Evans challenges us to ask the question, “How much of God am I leaving behind?” A true legacy transcends material things and makes a big deal about God. It is within this context that we find Elijah transferring the power of God to Elisha. (Psalm 71:18) Tony will show you the necessary components needed to pass the baton of faith to those who follow you and how to leave something that will truly last forever.

Tony gives us a strategic way to pass faith on to those who follow us. It starts with a desire similar to Elisha’s, who wanted twice as much God as Elijah possessed so that he could do more for God. Secondly, we must be devoted, just like Elisha, to seeing things from a spiritual perspective. If you want to get more of God, you need to be detached from other things that are holding you back from the supernatural. What are you willing to have less of so that you can have more of God? Elisha had to leave a business behind to follow in the footsteps of Elijah. But one of the key aspects of leaving a legacy is the ability to disciple and empower someone else so they can correctly inherit the spiritual mantle of leadership. As Elijah did for Elisha, if we are to pass on a spiritual legacy we must depend on God to guide us as we take another person from development to their God given destiny.

Message Included:
Living a Life that Lasts – 2 Kings 2:1-14

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