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Elijah (2014) - Encouragement that Calms Fear MP3

Tony Evans

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In this sermon, we learn that spiritual people can sometimes struggle and get discouraged. The prophet Elijah had God’s hand on him and still became discouraged, even suicidal. This is not an issue only with Elijah. Many of God’s greatest servants battled discouragement including Moses, Job, and the apostle Paul. This sermon helps us learn how to deal with discouragement and the need many of us have for a miracle in our minds. Tony Evans walks us through the cause of discouragement, which is the loss of something or an unexpected change in our expectations. Also, the catalyst for discouragement is our thoughts because they affect our emotions and what we feel. The enemy’s job is to keep us living under a threat and to control us by winning the battle for our minds.

Tony gives us hope by reminding us that discouragement does not have to own us. We can take back control by addressing the physical aspects of our lives that may be leading to our discouragement. This should be accompanied by an honest conversation about where we are emotionally with the Lord. In this evaluation of our emotions we should not develop a victim’s mentality because, while circumstances may not change, they don’t have to control us. According to Tony, what will get us refocused is running toward God’s presence and seeking out godly friends who understand His power and can walk with us during the dark times of life.

Message Included:
Encouragement that Calms Fear – 1 Kings 19:1-6

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